13 Ecommerce Conferences to Attend in 2017

By Liva Spandega on February 16th, 2017 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Navigating the frequently murky waters of ecommerce is not an easy task, which is why learning from others and sharing your own experience can be very useful.

One way for you to do exactly that is by attending conferences and other types of meetups. The larger scale events will usually have many interesting speakers from well-known companies, giving attendees a chance to learn from the pros.

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How To Make Money Doing What You Love

By Elina Bumbiere on February 14th, 2017 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Can your week be summed up by this sentence – nothing ruins a Friday more than an understanding that today is Tuesday? And do you like your job only marginally more than you like doing nothing? It might be the right time to figure out what your passion is and how you can turn it into a job. We wanted to do something different this Valentine’s. Instead of the classic list of fun gift ideas, we decided to focus on what matters the most – doing what you love.

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[Updated] What’s happening with American Apparel’s stock and how does it affect you?

By Liva Spandega on February 8th, 2017 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Let’s talk about the big elephant in the room – the current state of American Apparel and what it means for us here at Printful and our customers. The company is undergoing serious changes that affect the entire industry. But there are a lot of rumors, chatter and hearsay, so let’s look at all the facts we know so far.

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Ecommerce Printing Guide: Top 5 Quality T-shirts For Your Store

By Elina Bumbiere on February 1st, 2017 - Reading time: 5 minutes

You might think that launching an online business is difficult, but selecting the products you want to display on your store is no child’s play either – especially for a newbie. The #1 thing everyone’s after is quality, but it’s definitely not the only thing that can make your product line stand out. There are multiple factors that can affect how well-liked your brand is and sometimes they’re not a part of your getting started kit.

The one downside to print-on-demand services is that you don’t get to see or feel what your chosen t-shirt looks and fits. And you can only tell so much by reading the product descriptions. We get it and we want to make it easier for you. We did all the research, compared products and narrowed down your top choices so begin your sample tests with these. This is what our top 5 looks like – American Apparel 2001, Bella + Canvas 3001, Anvil 980, Gildan 2000, Next Level 3600.

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Custom Embroidered Hats – the Guide to Creating a Design and Embroidery File

By Julia Gifford on January 27th, 2017 - Reading time: 4 minutes

You know what’s beautiful? A crisp, concise bold message on a cap, the accessory that pulls your entire look together.

There’s no denying that a classic, sleek snapback hat brings an entirely new level of badassery to a look, and certainly will add character to your product range.

We’ll go through the entire process from beginning to end – of choosing an embroidery-friendly design, how you can create the design file itself, what to avoid, and how to create a mockup image.

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